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Tim Burton

January 29, 2010

so yah I deintly fronted with gettin ya the art work and tracklist for the next mixtape…. sue me
but I do have some other artwork for ya.
for the art heads ya know the Tim Burton exhibit is out here in NYC and honestly I dun even like art like that but I’m defintly tryin to catch more shows like this, so here ya are enjoy ( the first one is my creation btw lol)

next post: next Friday.: I pinky promise


jan 21st 2010

January 22, 2010

was supposed to start at 11

was supposed to be a hour

but im tired as faccckkk

enjoy hereeee: Jan 21st show
btw embeding ustrem vids on here is a BITTCCHHH!!!
tune in next month on feb 21st from 5-6pm

next post: JAN 24th


New Years Flicks

January 14, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah so here it is
sorry so late had a weekend with the ps3 and some good company so ya know how that gooo

sorry if some of em are blurry
ill prolly be posting some more on the 24th along with some other ish
but yahhh
Tune in next week to that good good on the 21st from 11pm-12am ima be spining live
and defintly put it on ya calender for the next year cause every 21st day of every month this year ima be spining live

This weekend ima be The Hill on 30th and 3rd ave on friday and doin a private party on Sat…swing by if ya wannna
I may take pics and post em if i wannaaaaa

but jea man next post is gunna be on the 24th of this month and its gunna be the artwork and tracklist of the next mixtape
take care and be safe
Show me your twits
Ill show you mine

Happy New Years!!!

January 5, 2010

Wuddduppppp!!! happy new years…. I know, dumb late… I had a weekend I wouldnt trade for the world so it dont matter haha

As promised heres the Mixtape (click on tracklist whenever ready to DL):