back to reality artwork/tracklist

feb 22nd

Ima be honest the last mixtape i did was type ehhhhh for me.
The genre was not what i really like and i rushheed the ish outta it, i think i made that mixtape in like 2 weeks or less whens its all said and done.
While i did get positive feedback i feel like a lot of it was generic or maybe im bein hard on myself but whatever the case may be heres the new mixtape that im pretty proud of; its still in the oven but for the most part , its baked:

2)I aint no joke – Rakim
3)Dont sweat the technique – Rakim
4)Hip hop junkie – Nice & Smooth
5)Aint no steppin – Big Daddy Kane
6)Step into a world – KRS One
7)Fight or flight? – I.S.O.P.T. mix
8)Sound of the police – KRS One
9)The bridge is over- KRS One
10)P.S.K. – Schoolly D
11)Its Yours I.S.O.P.T. mix – TLA Rock
13)Top billin – Milk D
14)Got it made – Special Ed
15)Just a friend – Biz Markie
16)Somethin for the radio- Biz Markie
17)Make the music with your mouth- Biz Markie
18)Let me clear my throat I.S.O.P.T.mix – DJ Kool
20)Treat em right – Chub Rock
21)Cmon baby (ghetto mix) – Funkmaster Flex
22)Set it off – Big Daddy Kane
23)Wrath of Kane – Big Daddy Kane
24)Warm it up Kane – Big Daddy Kane
25)Poisen – Bel Biv Devoe
26)It takes two- Rob Base DJ Easy Rock
27)The 900 number – The 45 king
29)Jump Around – House of Pain
30)Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
31)Sucker M.C.’s – Run DMC
32)Peter Piper – Run DMC
33)Rappers Delight/Shout Outs – Sugar Hill Gang

NEXT POST: Feb 10th; Cultral Event @ PACE Univercity


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