heaven and hell

On the way to work heard this interesting chinese proverb about heaven and hell and figured i’d share

The story goes that Heaven and Hell are exactly identical.


Both patrons of heaven and hell go to huge banquets in a great hall that continually becomes larger as more people enter
In the ever growing banquet you are served the best food you can possibly imagine.
You sit at a table a little over a yard long from others who have been randomly sentenced to their fate of either heaven or hell to enjoy the dishes of their choice.
The only problem is the eating utensils you are given…chopsticks that are 5 ft long.

For those banished in hell this is torture as the tools given to enjoy what they have ordered are impossible to manage.
But those in heaven realize their problem look across the table and order their counterparts favorite meal and feed them and vice versa.

Now this could be interpreted a lota ways… some may look at is a political thing where its communism vs. capitalism or a communal perspective where its look out for your neighbors and they’ll look after you or whatever I bet theres a million of em. I take it more general where its like you gotta isssue…. just make the best of it.

Either way I herd and figured ya’d enjoy



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