Despite Rough Economy Obama Raises Big Bucks

For the three months of May, April, and June 2011 President Obama raised $47 million for his re-election campaign. He also raised $38 million for the DNC (Democratic National Committee) through joint rundraisers bringing the amount collected to $86 mill, the most any president has raised in a non election year.

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, claims over half a million people have dontated and 260,000 are new donors; a signal of their “grassroots strenght”.

The record breaking fundraising comes at a time when unemployment is at a high and is stubornly staying there and Republicans did not miss the oppourtunity to remind the public. Kirsten Kukowiski, a spokeswoman for the RNC ( Republic National Committe) says:

“Creating twice as many donors as American jobs in the first quarter, we always knew Obama was the best fundraiser in history, Unfortunately for Americans it’s clear that despite his claims that he’s focused on creating jobs, his priority is saving his own.”

The top earner for the Republicans so far is Mitt Romney who announced he raised $18.25 mill; Michele Bachmann has yet to release her figures.


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