Attempted Murderer of Muslims Being Saved By Muslim Victim

So apparently this guy named Mark Stroman from Dallas, Texas went around in the days after September 11th, 2001 shooting people he thought were Arab’s. He winded up killing at least two, one who was Indian and practiced Hinduism (#fail).
Here is an interview that was in the New York Times about one his victims, Rais Bhuiyan, a 37 year old former Air Force Pilot who was partly blinded.
Mr. Bhuiyan has created a website to petition at the very least a meeting with Texas officials to try and persuade them to spare Mark Stroman from death.

This is the Article (kinda graphic):

Q Mr. Bhuiyan, you were working as a clerk at a friends service station on Sept. 21, 2001. What do you remember?

A: I was robbed a couple times. It was a dangerous neighborhood. People would come into the store to sell televisions and computers. One time a man came with a gun and I thought he wanted to sell it to make money.He said, “If you dont give me money I will blow your head off.” One Sept.21, it was Friday around 12:30 in the afternoon. Business was slow. It was raining cats and dogs. The heighbor from the barber shop had come in and brought chips and drinks. Then there’s a guy coming into the store with a hat and sunglasses and a bandanna and a gun in his hand. I thought it was a robbery. I said, “Dont shoot me please. Take all the money.” He said, where are you from?” He was four or five feet away from me. I felt cold air in my spine. I said, “Excuse me?” It was a double barrel gun. I felt a million bee stings on my face at the same. Then I heard an explosion. I saw images of my parents, my siblings and my fiancee and then a graveyard and I though, “Am I dying today?” I looked down ad saw blood was pouring from my head. I placed both my hands on my head to get my brains in and I screamed, “Mom!’ I looked and he was still staring at me and I thought he might shoot me again if I dont fall and he doesnt think Im dead. The floor was getting wet with my blood. Then he left the store. I could not believe he shot me . I thought I was dreaming, going through a hallucination. I didnt do anything wrong. I was not a threat to him. I couldnt believe someone would just shoot you like that.

Q What happened next?

Photo of Mark Stroman:

A: I wanted to go outside. I went to the barber shop and they ran away. They saw me full of blood running like a slaughtered chicked and they thought the guy was behind me. I saw my face in the barbershop mirror and couldnt believe it was me. (he begins to cry.) A few minutes before, I had been a young guy in a T shirt and shorts and tennis shoes (He begins to cry more forcefully.) Sorry, I havent cried for the past nine years. I was lucky because there was an ambulance in the area. I was asking God, asking for forgiveness, saying I would do my best. Reciting verses from the Koran. I said I would dedicate my life to the poor. I felt my eyes were closing and it felt like my brain was shutting down slowly.

Q What was the extent of your injuries?

Photo of Bhuiyan’s injury:

A: There were 38 pellets in my face. I couldnt open my eyes or talk or open my jaw. I couldnt even eat or drink anything. It was very painful to even swallow because I was shot in my thrraot. After a few hours in the hospital I could open my left eye. My face was heavily swollen. There were gunshot wounds. My face was horrible. I couldnt believe it was my face. I prayed, “Please God, give me my face back.” (Mr. Bhuiyan was discharged the day after being treated; he was told he did not have health insurance. For the next several months, he slept on peoples couched and had to rely oh physicians samples for medication, including painkillers and eye drops. He had several operations on his right eye; he now has only limited vision in it.)

Q Mr. Stroman has admitted to trying to kill you. Why are you trying to save his life?

A: I was raised very well by my parents and teachers. They raised me with good morals and strong faith. They taught me to put yourself in others shoes. Even if they hurt you, dont take revenge. Forgive them. Move on. It will bring something good to you and them. My Islamic faith teaches me this too. He said eh did this as an act of war and a lot a Americans wanted to do it by he had to the courage to do it – shoot Muslims. After if happened I was just simply struggling to survive in this country> I decided that forgiveness was not enough. That what he did was out of ignorance> I decided I had to do something to save this persons life. That killing someone in Dallas is not an answer for what happened on Sept. 11.

Q If you had the chance to meet Mr. Stroman, what would you say to him?

A: I requested a meeting with Mr. Stroman. Im eagerly awaiting to see him in person and exchange ideas. I would talk about love and compassion. We all make mistakes. He’s another human being, like me. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Its very important that I meet him to tell him I feel for him and I strongly believe he should get a second chance. That I never hated the U.S. He could educate a lot of people. Thinking about what is going to happen makes me very emotional. I cant sleep. Once I go to bed I feel there is another person that I know who is in his bed thinking about what is going to happen to him – that he is going to be tied to a bed and killed. It makes me very emotional and very sad and makes me want to do more.

*This interview originally appeared in the New York Time’s National Section Tuesday, July 19th, 2011*<br


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