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Zelda Wii Remote Bundle

August 31, 2011

With A release date slated for November the 20th, 2011 Nintendo is planning on dropping a package for Skyward Sword Game and what is, IMVHO, the dopest RPG EVAHHHHH.

Comes with a Special Wii Remote the game and some audio cd. Retail price is set to be $69.99



August 31, 2011

Happy hump day

Irene NYC (Short Film)

August 30, 2011

For all the hype that was Irene this short film sums up what basically happened in NYC

especially that last screenshot.

RIP to those lost upstate and along the east coast

Paris Holographic Boarding Agents

August 30, 2011

If your ever passing by in hall 40 of Orly Airport in France, which is prolly never, you might come across these

They are 3D projections on a clear plexiglass shaped as a human and they read passing passengers flight information.

NO videos are to be found anywhere but these things have been getting good reviews so far and word on interwebs is that one might be actually heading to the Duane Reade on Wall Street in NYC

Skyliners (crazy trailer)

August 19, 2011

These guys go around walking on strings from one high point to the next… That shit cray

Cadillac Ciel Concept Car

August 19, 2011

Making its debut in California this week Caddy unveiled it’s newest concept car, Ciel, the french word for sky.

With a hard top drop top and suicide rear doors the Ciel comes equiped with a twin turbo 3.6 V6 engine pumping out 425 HP that comes equipped with a lithium ion hybrid system to help out with the gas.
No word on the release date

power of music

August 18, 2011

little baby watching a queen concert dvd and is caughtttt up lol

scary monsters + nice and sprites acapella

August 18, 2011

So this dude by the name of Aaronic takes dub step songs and disects them bit by bit and then pieces them together using his voice… pretty sick shit


New Chromeo Video (Hilarious!)

August 17, 2011

Chromeo puts out a new vid for their song “When the night falls”, crazy funny!!!


lmfao @ 2:12

Gucci Fiat Car

August 17, 2011

Both italian brand names have teamed up to bring you their own blend of style and function

Coming with a bunch of Gucci goodies (leather bags, shoes, gloves, sunglasses, watch plus more) its interior is gucci’d out

Available in December 2012 through no price has been set.