Steve Jobs FBI Files

Kinda wild… Im up to the 45th page reading this and its mainly about his legal battles and interviews with agents (who perceived him as someone who “twisted reality, and distorted the truth”) but the most interesting thing is that he was suggested as being a potential presidential nominee, which is why this file was birthed.

Most of the information is divulged by the late Mr. Jobs himself so it’s not like the Feds had exclusive info that Mr. Jobs didn’t already know himself… but yeah its not a light read but def interesting if your into this stuff

Peep the FBI link is right here:

Steve Job’s FBI file

Of coarse its heavily edited to protect others personal information…
According to other news outlets it goes on to talk about others opinions of him and how he interacted with his baby moms and of his drug use in India.


One Response to “Steve Jobs FBI Files”

  1. Anthony Nieves Says:

    You never cease to amaze me!

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