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cause everyone is irish this time of the year…

March 22, 2010

Unless your fake ID is official tissue… This is a 21 and over event

The tracklist is as follows:

2)One More Drink – Ludacris ft T pain
3)Buzzin – Schwayze
4)Corona Lime – Schwayze
5)Drive Better Drunk – Afroman
6)Crack a Bottle – Eminem and Dr Dre
7)Bartender – T pain
8)Gin and Juice- Snoop Dogg
9)Twisted Ladies – DJ iSopt
10)Buy You a Drink – T pain
11)Buy You a Round – Verse Simmons
12)When I Step in the Club – Swizz Beatz
13)Drink and My 2 Step – Cassidy and Swizz Beatz
14)Henny and Bacardi – Cassidy and Swizz Beatz
15)Patron Time – DJ iSopt
16)Wasted Remix – Gucci Man ft. Lil Wayne and Jadakiss
17)Campionship Bottles – Lil Wayne ft. Jadakiss
18)Pop Off – DJ iSopt
19)Pop Champagne – Ron Browz ft. Jim Jones and Juelz Santana
20)Tipsy – J Kwon
21)Tipsy – DJ Webstar ft. Serani and Jadakiss
22)Blame It – Jaime Foxx ft. T pain
23)Say Aah – Trey Songz ft. Fabolous
24)Alcoholism – DJ iSopt
25)Shots – Lmfao ft. Lil Jon
26)Put Your Drinks Down – Mr. V ft Bob Sinclair
27)Mojito/P.S.A. – Some DJ and Some other DJ talking
28)Put Your Drinks Up – DJ Mad
29)Hoy Se Bebe – DJ iSopt
30)Maldito Alcohol/Bonus – Pitbull/The Champs

download link right here:
The Hangover: The Morning After

Please Enjoy Responsibly!


Back to Reality vol.1

February 22, 2010

Yeshhh yesshhh yalllll
Back to Reality Vol.1
You already seened the tracklist
You already seened the artwork
Go and download it already NINJA!!!

next post: Feb 28th; Spinning live on


(btw them pace pictures gon be up in a lil bit be eas)

back to reality artwork/tracklist

February 5, 2010

feb 22nd

Ima be honest the last mixtape i did was type ehhhhh for me.
The genre was not what i really like and i rushheed the ish outta it, i think i made that mixtape in like 2 weeks or less whens its all said and done.
While i did get positive feedback i feel like a lot of it was generic or maybe im bein hard on myself but whatever the case may be heres the new mixtape that im pretty proud of; its still in the oven but for the most part , its baked:

2)I aint no joke – Rakim
3)Dont sweat the technique – Rakim
4)Hip hop junkie – Nice & Smooth
5)Aint no steppin – Big Daddy Kane
6)Step into a world – KRS One
7)Fight or flight? – I.S.O.P.T. mix
8)Sound of the police – KRS One
9)The bridge is over- KRS One
10)P.S.K. – Schoolly D
11)Its Yours I.S.O.P.T. mix – TLA Rock
13)Top billin – Milk D
14)Got it made – Special Ed
15)Just a friend – Biz Markie
16)Somethin for the radio- Biz Markie
17)Make the music with your mouth- Biz Markie
18)Let me clear my throat I.S.O.P.T.mix – DJ Kool
20)Treat em right – Chub Rock
21)Cmon baby (ghetto mix) – Funkmaster Flex
22)Set it off – Big Daddy Kane
23)Wrath of Kane – Big Daddy Kane
24)Warm it up Kane – Big Daddy Kane
25)Poisen – Bel Biv Devoe
26)It takes two- Rob Base DJ Easy Rock
27)The 900 number – The 45 king
29)Jump Around – House of Pain
30)Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
31)Sucker M.C.’s – Run DMC
32)Peter Piper – Run DMC
33)Rappers Delight/Shout Outs – Sugar Hill Gang

NEXT POST: Feb 10th; Cultral Event @ PACE Univercity

Happy New Years!!!

January 5, 2010

Wuddduppppp!!! happy new years…. I know, dumb late… I had a weekend I wouldnt trade for the world so it dont matter haha

As promised heres the Mixtape (click on tracklist whenever ready to DL):