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How Sick is this tho…

February 15, 2012

The Royal Carribean cruise liner “Radiance of the Sea” has gyroscopic pool table that allows you to play pool without your balls moving unnecessarily due to the motion of the ocean (bow chica wah wah)


Steve Jobs FBI Files

February 10, 2012

Kinda wild… Im up to the 45th page reading this and its mainly about his legal battles and interviews with agents (who perceived him as someone who “twisted reality, and distorted the truth”) but the most interesting thing is that he was suggested as being a potential presidential nominee, which is why this file was birthed.

Most of the information is divulged by the late Mr. Jobs himself so it’s not like the Feds had exclusive info that Mr. Jobs didn’t already know himself… but yeah its not a light read but def interesting if your into this stuff

Peep the FBI link is right here:

Steve Job’s FBI file

Of coarse its heavily edited to protect others personal information…
According to other news outlets it goes on to talk about others opinions of him and how he interacted with his baby moms and of his drug use in India.

Interview with Instagrams Founder

February 3, 2012

Kevin Rose (founder of the start-up Digg and angel investor of companies like: twitter, facebook, foursquare, formspring and more) sits down with a fellow Kevin; Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram.
Interesting Stuff…

Street Art by Pavel Puhov

January 23, 2012

Random collection of the Russian street artist Pavel Puhov’s recent works…


You think cycling in NYC is dangerous

October 12, 2011

prolly is but peep what happens to this guy in Africa:


Biting Elbows – The Stampede (dope vid)

October 6, 2011

Dope vid to a dope track by the Russian Punk Band Biting Elbows

Track is called The Stampede cop it on Amazon

Nike Mag upclose pics

September 26, 2011

The Nike MAG sneaks aka Marty McFlys aka Back 2 the Future aka cheapest ones on ebay are over 3 thousand bucks , you prolly herd of these but the pics floating around were super generic and all the same but heres some of a personal un-boxing I came across on these here internets.

If it aint tying your kicks like this:

if aint worth it!! imho

*bonus* some dudes made a working replica of the bike from tron:

how hype would you be if you was riding one of those rockin the mcflys!!!

Lego Augmented Reality Boxes

September 20, 2011

Lego has teamed up with Intel to present augmented reality feature available at select stores that allows you to see the finished set in 3d complete with sounds and interactions…

Tell me this aint hot tho

Gotta take a shit?… Theres an App for that

September 6, 2011

But seriously tho who thinks of these things lol…
The name of the App is Cloo, peep the video to see how it works

For a small nominal fee you can front your bathroom for friends of friends and even got sponsored by toilet brands… pretty interesting

Vintage Train Running in NYC for the month of Sept

September 6, 2011

In an ingenious promo for the new season of the HBO show, Boardwalk, HBO has teamed up with the MTA to bring you an official replicated version of an old 1920s IRT train train.

The train is only runing on saturdays and sundays from 12-6pm on the 1/2 lines from times square, 72nd and 96th streets